Paul is an experienced speaker, moderator and conferences host having spoken at many around the world. He is an expert in how commerce and technology collide and the macro effects caused by technologies such as machine learning and AI.

He regularly delves into how the internet has unlocked the power of crowds, where everything from hotels (AirBnB), taxis (Uber) to currency (Bitcoin etc.) have been disrupted by the democratising effects and the societal changes bought on by AI and the blockchain. And having driven around the world (quite literally!), he adds an interesting international perspective to the topic.

However, with a background in tech, startups, advertising and adventures he has also spoken on:

  • Travel
  • Adventure and Overland Expeditions
  • Startups / business building
  • Social Media and it’s societal affects
  • Trust / lack of trust in intuitions and brands
  • Blockchain
  • Retail and eCommerce and the death of the High Street
  • Applications of AI / Machine learning platforms for real people

Please get in touch if you would like Paul to speak or host at an event or conference.

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