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‘Hilarious new book’ and ‘This fun and light-hearted tale of a far from usual road trip is well worth a read’. – The Daily Express

‘An inspiring story told with lashings of energy and humour – Ranulph Fiennes

‘This is the trip I would take if I were younger, braver and lightly but certifiably out of my mind.’ – Bill Bryson 

‘What do you do after leaving university? Get a boring office job – or drive a black cab 43,000 miles around the world? Ernest Hemingway said always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. These lads did and raised £20K whilst smashing two world records. Brilliant.’ – Andy Parsons

‘High adventure filled with hilarity and mischief – it goes to show what can happen when you combine some serious guts and a daft idea.’  – Levison Wood

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When three friends – Paul, Johno and Leigh – clicked ‘buy’ on an iconic London cab, little did they know what they were letting themselves in for. Leaving the Big Smoke in their taxi bound for Sydney, the lads began a 43,000-mile trip that would take them off the beaten track to some of the most dangerous and deadly places on earth. By the time they arrived home, they would manage against all the odds to circumnavigate the globe and break two world records.

From altercations with the Iranian secret police to narrowly escaping the Taliban, the trio’s adventure is filled with hair-raising escapades. Feel the fear, revel in the fun and meet some of the hundred passengers the taxi picked up along the way, as the authors take you on their action-packed journey.

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